Welcome to Polymatheia

I am a statistician, mathematician, and physicist with a passion for research… I often start research projects in my spare time just because I am curious about something :-)

I have a background in data mining, applied statistics, and high performance computing, and this toolbox of skills has happily been suited to many different endeavors.   In recent years I have published papers and/or embarked on research in epidemiology, biology, physics, applied statistics, criminology, terrorism informatics, and archeoastronomy.  Quite a few of my most recent papers have focused on the field of computational epidemiology; in particular computer modelling of influenza pandemics.

On this website I share information and computational tools related to my research endeavors, along with many links to helpful documents I have come across on the Internet.  I will also be sharing a lot of material related to lectures and seminars I give in statistical and computational methods.  Thus many of the posts on this site will have a “lecturing” tone… because they are part of a lecture.  The material on this web site isn’t meant to constitute a blog.

I hope that readers will find the information I post here useful.

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