Example LaTex and BibTex documents

In this module, I provide an example LaTex document that cites references within a BibTex file, and also includes examples of how to include equations, figures, and tables.

The files for this worked example can be found in my GitHub repository https://github.com/smtowers/example_latex


The repository contains the main LaTex document example_latex.tex, along with the bibtex file example_latex.bib.  In order to compile the document, you also need to download the example_latex_histogram_plot.eps, which is the figure included in the file.  To compile the document, run LaTex once, then BibTex, then LaTex twice (which should resolve all references).

This should produce the file example_latex.pdf

Note that the encapsulated postscript (EPS) figure for the paper was produced with the R script example_latex.R  (you need to install the R extrafont library before running the script) The R script also shows you how to automatically output results from your analysis code that can be included as \newcommands in your latex file that allow you to copy and paste the results to your LaTex file so that reference those results in the text of your paper without having to manually transcribe numbers (which can lead to unnecessary transcription errors).

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